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I’m generally not one to beat a dead horse, and although the recent debacle (full details below) with the misplaced iPhone prototype quickly achieved ‘time to make some glue’ status, this clip is worth posting. By the end I’m left asking the same question I’ve been asking for quite some time: “Really Apple…really?”

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By the way, if you’re interested in reading up on the complete story, Gizmodo has provided the following collection of links. For the record, I think Gizmodo could have handled things more appropriately and professionally, but I’m not all that surprised considering their less than mature track record.

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Reminds me of that shotgun app Adam & Colin have.

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How many of you have walked right into a street sign or into oncoming traffic while writing an email on your iPhone? I HATE when that happens, which is why I’m so glad that Email ‘n Walk has finally arrived!

Email ‘n Walk takes a live feed from your phone’s camera and overlays the email creation screen on top of it so you can see where you’re going while you type. Now you’ll be able to see when you’re about to trip over an ugly dog BEFORE you do it, saving you from a potentially awkward situation.

It’s free, for a limited time, so you should check it out.

[via Life Hacker]

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