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Have time for a 3 minute break? Check this out.

It’s a video from an event back in June called “Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus.” It was a panel of men (John Schaefer – the host, Daniel Levitin – scientist and Bobby McFerrin – musical artist) discussing the relationship between the human brain and music to better understand the relationship between the two.

The man in the video is named Bobby McFerrin. Most know him from his #1 single “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Here he making his case for the pentatonic scale.

If you like this I suggest checking out the World of Science Festival Vimeo Channel, it has a lot of additional material.

Additional Resources

World of Science Festival Website
World of Science Festival Vimeo Channel

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To respond to Kyle’s post:

I looked at the comments on vimeo for the first video posted in the blog and saw a comment concerning a “ripoff” of David OReilly. So I did some research about the guy and found his website and his vimeo site. Here is his “compression reel.”

Compression Reel from David OReilly on Vimeo.


Also, this guy won a Golden Bear at Berlinale, one of the premiere film festivals in the world, in the short film category for his animation, Please Say Something. Check out the preview for it. It’s pretty trippy:

Please Say Something (preview) from David OReilly on Vimeo.


Update: If you’re interested in more experimental animation and films, check out vimeo’s channel Lab Partner.

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