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Writer Evan Ratliff Tried to Vanish: Here’s What Happened

I read this story today and had to share. Very interesting stuff if you have the time to read it.

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Thought this story was really funny.

… At 9 p.m. Wednesday the ABC sitcom Modern Family will premiere, marking the least-inspired creative endeavor ever attempted by modern man. This will reportedly be followed at 12:52 p.m. Thursday by the release of a new energy drink marketed exclusively to U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Experts predict that the penultimate catastrophe will occur at approximately 7:15 p.m. Thursday night, when the social networking tool Twitter will be used to communicate a series of ideas so banal they will instantaneously negate the three centuries of the Renaissance. …

Read the rest of the article at The Onion

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4chan recently put the popular Twitter service out of commission after flooding them with the hashtag #Gorillapenis.


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I rarely enjoy political cartoons, mostly because they usually try too hard, or they’re old news by the time I see them. Here’s one that particularly tickled my fancy.


(via John Cole)

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Meanwhile, the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guard — which enforces strict Islamic codes — said it will prosecute Web sites it accuses of inciting riots, adding to a ban on foreign media reporting on the protests and a block on Internet site such as Facebook or Twitter.

In response to this, I’ll remind all of you that we posted how to set up a proxy server for Iranians to access Twitter here.

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Via Reuters (as pointed out on Sullivan’s blog) :

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department said on Tuesday it had contacted the social networking service Twitter to urge it to delay a planned upgrade that would have cut daytime service to Iranians who are disputing their election.

Confirmation that the U.S. government had contacted Twitter came as the Obama administration sought to avoid suggestions it was meddling in Iran’s internal affairs as the Islamic Republic battled to control deadly street protests over the election result.

Twitter and Facebook have been used as a tool by many young people to coordinate protests over the election’s outcome.

President Barack Obama said earlier on Tuesday he believed “people’s voices should be heard and not suppressed” in Iran.

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This is really awesome:

A critical network upgrade must be performed to ensure continued operation of Twitter. In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight’s planned maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow between 2-3p PST (1:30a in Iran).

Our partners are taking a huge risk not just for Twitter but also the other services they support worldwide—we commend them for being flexible in what is essentially an inflexible situation. We chose NTT America Enterprise Hosting Services early last year specifically because of their impeccable history of reliability and global perspective. Today’s decision and actions continue to prove why NTT America is such a powerful partner for Twitter.


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It looks like it’s more than just the people of Iran who are up in arms. I’ve been surfing twitter for the past hour and have discovered an interesting mod-mentality trend going on.

It seems that people are actively spreading the word to use a service called pagereboot.com. The service is simple: Supply a url and a timer on which to refresh that url. You leave the service open in your browser and it automatically refreshes that site, thus overwhelming the web server so much that it takes down the site.

The movement on twitter has successfully taken down the official website of Ali Khamenei and the official blog of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It seems like Iran has pissed off a lot of people.

With a service so simple to create and use, and the movement of thousands of people on the internet, Cyber-Warfare is easier to implement and execute than normal previous forms of warfare. What does this mean for the future of the world?

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A couple of weeks ago, I set up the Darkwind Media & Luster Twitter accounts so we could start gathering a following and have yet another outlet to push our news & luster examples. This sparked the idea that I should start using my own Twitter account that has remained dormant since I registered my username a while back.

This is my call for any juicers who have twitter to list their account here (if they wish) so. Feel free to edit the post to keep it tidy.

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