One thing that really makes me flip is these all too common tropes on how technology is making you dumber.  With all the accusations flying around (the Internet, Google, Wikipedia, iPhones, etc.) you’d think that we would have all been reduced to drooling morons by now.

I really hate this mindset.  Someone please explain to me how remembering someone’s phone number makes you smarter?  Or remembering exactly where every Safeway is in the greater Phoenix area?  Or attempting to deduce the weather conditions with my eyeballs?

This is garbage.  If anything, technology is making us amazingly smarter, by freeing up our brain capacity to focus on other things, specifically those that robots are not good at.  You know, like actually learning, and applying information, rather than wasting brain cells on remembering a catalog of 10 digit numbers.

To take this a little further, do you think people were similarly lamenting to Gutenberg in the 15th century, because people no longer needed to remember epic poems in their entirety?  This sounds really stupid, right?  That’s because it is.

Google, the Internet, and iPhones have made human beings smarter, more efficient, and significantly more productive.  The only piece of technology that may have made people dumber is television, the defining technological element of baby boomers, who, ironically, are usually the authors of this alarmist bullshit.

Stop it.

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