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This is an animated short up for an Oscar this year that’s done almost entirely with Corporate logos, with a bit of a weird Pulp Fiction-type flair.

Check it out.

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Watch this.

It’s from the animated film Allegro Non Troppo by Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto.

One could call Allegro a parody of Disney’s Fantasia at first glance, but I see it more as another attempt at doing what Fantasia attempted to do; create beautiful animated works to go along with classical pieces of music.

This section from Allegro is based off the piece Valse Triste (Sad Waltz) from the play Kuolema.

(Just like Fantasia, there are live-action interludes, but I’d argue that Allegro’s interludes are more comedic on purpose, as it seeks to poke fun at Fantasia).

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I thought this animation was great.

From the author:

This is the final piece for my AS art course, a flipbook made entirely out of biro pens. It’s something like 2100 pages long, and about 50 jotter books. I’d say I worked on and off it for roughly 3 weeks.

Song is French Cancan by Jaques Offenbach.

Additional sounds credited to Valve, specifically from their game Team Fortress 2.

Other stuff is from the 300 trailer and O Little Town of Bethlehem.

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This reminds me a whole bunch of Fantastic Planet.

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Saw this when it was played on This American Life – Live!, but never knew it was put up on Vimeo.

I love that Andrew Bird song that the short is accompanied by.

And Chris Ware just rocks ass on all levels.

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Ohhhhhhhhh shittttttttttttttttt.

(This one is for you, Fil).

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This is a really cool video of someone playing around with dynamic furs and a simple walking animation. I can’t wait until this is able to be rendered in real time. For now though, we have a nice video to enjoy. Thanks to Chris Cascioli for showing me this.

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JibJab rolls out another impressive short:

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Bravo, Harmonix.

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Hey Juicers, how have you been? I haven’t been around much lately, I’ll be better I promise.

I wanted to let everyone know that you can finally get Luster installed on your Windows machine and start playing around with some demos. Head on over to the Luster Beta Sign-up page to get started. After you have signed up, we need to activate your account. Once that happens, you’ll receive an email with instructions and more details about the whole shabang.

There’s some basic tech demos available online right now, but we have some sweeter demos that will trickle out over the next week or two, including one of the music visualizers. You should definitely check out the Arthas Dance Animation, it’s pretty cool. It uses somewhat advanced lighting techniques, so if you have an older video card it may not look as great as it should. But that’s what this beta thing is all about, figuring out these little details, right?

I leave you with a video of the Arthas animation. Major props to Chris for making this happen.

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“Papiroflexia (Spanish for “Origami”) is the animated tale of Fred, a skilful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands. Created at the UCLA Animation Workshop, with music by Nick Fevola.”

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The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

[Via Motionographer]

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You have a movie that is easily the best rated picture of the year, yet not even nominated for best picture.

You have a award category that is complete bullshit and has a single studio winning it four out of the eight years the category has been available, all times when they were also some of the highest rated movies of the year.

You have an actor giving what was literally a role in a movie, that was MADE for him.  He gets effing robbed.

Man I fucking hate the Oscars.

[UPDATE] But man oh man do I fucking love John Gruber.

I’ll put it in writing: the best motion picture released last year was WALL-E. Like 2001 — which WALL-E pays significant homage to — it wasn’t even nominated for best picture. But it effectively couldn’t be nominated — and that’s the real crime. Instead, WALL-E was nominated for and awarded the prize for “best animated film”.1

But why does this category even exist? Animated as opposed to what? Photographed? Animation is merely a technique. Cinema is cinema. The Academy’s rules state that films nominated for best animated feature are still eligible to be nominated for best picture, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. The whole point of this award to establish a ghetto where “cartoons”, no matter how good, are relegated. Putting WALL-E up against Bolt and Kung Fu Panda rather than letting it compete against Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button is like requiring a 13-year-old chess prodigy to compete only against other children, regardless whether he could stand his own against adult grandmasters. It’s a dismissive pat on the head.

Ok, so I was wrong in the comments regarding being eligible to be nominated for both, but the point still stands, Wall-E not being nominated is a crime.

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