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It’s upsetting to think that its been so long that I’ve forgotten the names of the streets. I remember what they look like, or what they used to look like, at least. At any rate, there’s a left hand turn stamped into my memory. It was an ordinary thing–I was just going somewhere, for some reason, in a car; just a left hand turn at a traffic light. But this particular turn coincided with the simultaneous welling of a song and a realization that a certain time in my life was coming to an end. For whatever reason, that was the intersection that occured–that time, place, feeling, and song–and so the memory of this ordinary thing persists.

There are a handful of these that exist for me–songs that carry a vivid association with a certain time and place. Beyond a cold, scientific recollection, they capture the feeling of being there. Like somehow all of the emotional data of the moment can live inside a song, in some compressed form.

A lot of these memories for me are in cars, strangely, at points between the places we more ordinarily ascribe significance. I guess there’s music on and alone time to wonder about the state of things. There was the spot on my commute from that time I was a counselor at a day camp in high school. That was a Guster song and I was thinking about a girl, I think. And another at a rest stop on my way back to Rochester at the beginning of my second year of college, excited to reunite with friends and continue to explore fake adulthood (Sufjan Stevens, that time).

The left hand turn was at the end of my last year in Rochester. People were making plans and finding jobs; entering and leaving the proximity of each others lives. I was grappling with the reality of all that at the time. The song was “My Rights Versus Yours” by The New Pornographers. The street pointed downtown.

There was an album released this year, 2012, by A.C. Newman, (one of the founding members of The New Pornographers) that reminds me, as a whole, of the feeling of that song. And somehow, this totally separate music takes me back to that same place–that same spot on the road. It was instant and powerful upon first listen and I enjoyed the melancholy of thinking back on that time. After a few plays, I found myself reaching out beyond that starting place. Somehow, this new framework stirred other memories; old feelings, places I sometimes wish I could go back to, states of being that had no songs attached to them to keep them alive. I found myself with a head full of these forgotten moments that, like the names of Rochester streets, had faded with time.

For all of this, A.C. Newman’s Shut Down The Streets is one of my favorite albums of 2012. In time, I imagine it will be a reminder of the time I spent on a subway in New York, writing this note, and reflecting on old times. For now, it’s fun to wander in places I thought I’d forgotten.

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Lets be honest. It 1am on a Monday (tues. morn) and I’m at work losing my shit…and this has got me bumpin all cray n’ shit. Just deal with it. If you can get to at least 2:10 in yer gunna be rewarded with some growlin n’shit. Make it to 3:30…damn son you just got yerself some fuckin trannyshit.

Just trust me guyz.. I’ve only done this once before.


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Hello Juice the Evernote

So, I just wanted to drop some quick thoughts about a subject that is personal to me not in an attempt to get attention but more just to outline some thoughts on the topic.

So I have ADD. There is a lot of hate around ADD. I am sort of an ADD hipster. I have had ADD since before it was cool. I honestly believe I have it. Anyone that spends time with me unmediated also is pretty sure I have it. ADD isn’t really like a lot of conditions. You can have a cleft lip and there isn’t a lot of medical uncertainty or judgement around it, due to the way it presents itself.

I am certain I have it. I have all of the symptoms, including the side ones. They aren’t an excuse, but they certainly are a point of frustration for me.

I want to know what the root is. Like any condition, I don’t believe that ADD is a series of symptoms that present themselves. I want to know what the underlying cause is.

Maybe, in an effort to explore ADD, I should present some of my symptoms, and maybe describe some feelings that I feel I have that “normal people” don’t have

Here is a list of things I struggle with

- I have a very hard time reading. Sometimes I do a pretty good job at it, but really for the most part I struggle. I don’t have trouble with the words, and this isn’t always the case, but sometimes my eyes move across the words, even reading them out loud, and my mind is somewhere else. This was a real problem for me in high school. I was in the AP english class but I really never could read any of the books. Maybe i was just lazy, I don’t know, but I truly struggled. My eyes would pass over the words sometimes, but none of it was really being listened to. I think that’s an important part of my analysis this time around: LISTENED TO
- I have an impossible time with names. I like to excuse myself like “I just suck at names” but I don’t think that’s enough. I can remember plenty of things. I am a generally awkward person and get really stressed out in social situations. I think I spend a lot of time focusing on what I am asking and not listening. When I meet someone, I focus on “Hi my name is Colin, and you are?” and by the time I finish delivering that line, all I can think is *phew, you didn’t fuck up that time Colin*. Again, this comes back to the voice.
- I have a hard time with addictions. Not really anything serious, but I find with things like drinking, its so easy for me to convince myself to have “just one more.” I often say “it just got in my head that I wanted more.” But the truth is, is that if I don’t have something in my hand, I am sort of driven crazy. I don’t think its just alcohol. I think it presents itself in a lot of different ways. A lot of ways where I say “Man, I could have MORE of this.” or even in more socially awkward contexts “Man, I SHOULD have more of this.” its something I struggle with that I find many of my fellow juicers don’t. The inability to just say no. Its not even about the inability to say no, but its about NOT being pestered to have more.
- When I am off my medicine, I find my internal filter is turned off. I say jokes that aren’t funny, I am loud, I talk too much, I say things that I know I shouldn’t. This doesn’t support the claim I am about to make in any way, honestly … but I thought in fairness I should bring it up.

So to be a pundit for just one second and pull out feelings that are worthless scientifically, I thought I would just mention one common thread that I find between most of my symptoms. There is always this voice in my head that is just speaking a little bit too loud. What we all experience in our heads is hard to quantify, sort of in the same way that its hard to quantify pain, or depression. We all have a little bit of depression, but we experience it differently. We all feel pain, but we experience it differently. We all have a voice in our heads I am sure, but we experience it differently. I am sure that everyone who ends up reading this will say that they, too, have been bothered by the voice in their head, and I am sure that is true. Truly. Unlike the cleft lip, most of our psychological conditions exist within a spectrum. We can all sympathize with depression, anxiety, whatever. Its just to what extent those symptoms exist.

Without understanding how all of your consciousnesses manifest themselves, I can say for sure that the voice in my head is just a little too loud for me. It’s hard for me to read books, because while I am reading, every now and then he will start talking to me about work, or about video games, or about whatever it is I am interested or anxious about. I can tell you that the voice in my head is way too loud when meeting people for the first time, probably because he is nervous. Sadly, it leads to not hearing people when they introduce themselves or when they are telling me about themselves. Sometimes, when I know I should be listening, he is busy telling me that I should be listening.

Battery is dying. That is all

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Who knew in 2009 that it would be the auto bailout that would win the presidency for Barack Obama?

In an election where whites were fleeing the president, he held on to white working class voters in the rust belt, creating his “Midwestern firewall” of Michigan, Wisconsin, and most of all, Ohio.  The auto bailout had a +23 favorability in Ohio exit polls, with 74 percent of those who viewed the bailout favorably voting for Obama.

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There’s bound to be plenty of these available soon, but I just couldn’t wait.  All times Eastern.


Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Georgia will all be immediately called for Romney

Vermont will be immediately called for Obama

Virginia also closes.  We’ll likely be waiting a long time for a call on this one.  If it gets called earlier either way, that’s a sign the polls were wrong.  Keep an eye on Montgomery County.

Score at 7:01 – 44 R, 3 O


West Virginia immediately called for Romney.

North Carolina closes.  This one should be tight as well, so don’t expect an early call.  It should eventually go to Romney.  Keep an eye on New Hanover County.

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio.  This one is big.  Romney will have a hard time winning without it, and if Obama wins it, it’s just about over.  Obama is ahead by close to 4 points in the polls, so he looks poised for victory.  Keep an eye on Stark County.

Score: 49 R, 3 O


MO, OK, MS, AL, TN immediately called for Romney.

ME, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, IL immediately called for Obama.

Pennsylvania closes.  Polls have tightened here, but there’s no reason to believe Obama will lose it.  Romney is making a last ditch effort to move the state, because it’s his only option if he loses Ohio and Virginia.  The networks will be timid on PA, but it should eventually fall into Obama.  Watch Bucks County.

New Hampshire closes.  Polls here show Obama with some momentum, but NH is notorious for being a hard state to poll.  I wouldn’t be surprised by a Romney upset here.  Should be tight either way.  Watch Merrimack County.

Florida closes.  This is a must win for Romney.  He will struggle to find a winning combination without it, so if Obama wins FL, it’s most definitely over.  That being said, the polls here are excruciatingly close; we may be headed for a recount.  Watch Hillsborough County.

Score: 92 R, 75 O


Arkansas immediately called for Romney.

Score: 98 R, 75 O


AZ, WY, ND, SD, NE, KS, TX, LA immediately called for Romney.

NY, RI immediately called for Obama, and probably NM too.

MN, WI, MI are favored for Obama, but may not be called right away, as the networks will be squeamish, especially since they have been touting these as “swing states.”  On the other hand, if the poll truthers are right, then look to WI.  Obama should win the state by 5, but if this becomes close, and they haven’t called Ohio yet, it might be time to worry.

Colorado closes.  Obama has a very slight edge here, but I don’t expect this state to be called early.  Should be a while.  Watch Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties.

Score: 175 R, 113 O


MT and UT immediately called for Romney.

Nevada closes.  Obama has opened up a big lead in early voting here, and some estimate that 70% of likely voters have already voted.  I expect Nevada will be called for Obama pretty fast as a result.

Iowa closes.  Obama has a small but robust lead here.  Look to how things are playing out in nearby WI, MN, and OH.  If Obama is doing well with the neighbors, expect Iowa to follow.  Watch Cedar County.

If Obama is having a good night, we may be at the point now where I would be ready to call it for him.  If he has OH, PA, WI, and NV by now, it’s over.

Score: 184 R, 113 O


Idaho immediately called for Romney.

WA, OR, CA, and HI immediately called for Obama.

Continue to watch OH, FL, VA, IA, CO, NH.  Obama should already have NV, PA, WI, MI, and MN by now.  If not, start to worry.

Score: 253 O, 188 R


Alaska immediately called for Romney.

By now, hopefully OH, IA, NH have been called for Obama, which would put him over the top.  CO should follow soon after or be in this group as well.

NC should be called for Romney by now.

VA could be in limbo for most of the night.

We may never know who wins Florida, but at this point, it shouldn’t matter.

Score: 290 O, 206 R

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Thank you statistical models.  Thank you Nate Silver.  I think I’ll be reading your book.


Live election coverage starting at 7 tomorrow night on Politico.

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So I don’t know if any of the other local Juicers here got a chance to see him, but here’s a clip from his standup set on Saturday night!

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It’s no secret that film directors employ their own style to tell the story they want to convey. The videos below are montages of the similar style that is signatory to each director’s (and television series’) body of work.

kogonada has done a great job of compiling the evidence and laying it out in short analytical films. Every artist has a toolbox of ideas they frequently employ in their work, so this work parses out one tool as the subject of the film.

I recommend watching all five as they’re quick plays and a real treat. My favorites are the Kubrick and Aronofsky videos. Enjoy the rest after the jump.

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.

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Just because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and have been meaning to share my thoughts on it …

Rage comic meme / expressions and the expressions in Japanese manga / anime are very, very similar from a sociological point of view. It’s hard to ignore the similarities.

There is much more to say on this topic. I just wanted to brain dump real quick

One thing to recognize is once a “meme” penetrates society the way certain memes do, it is highly effective at portraying a common emotion. This is likely why they have been used for at least a decade in Japanese literature and why they are gaining momentum in expressing certain emotions in Western society.

Anyways, think about it

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lol, Terry Gross.


From the This American Life Live! show from last week, which is also getting re-shown tomorrow!

(It was totes awesome)

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