Apple Event Live Blog Coverage

If you guys are interested, Engadget is doing a live blog of today’s Apple event. It’s all but certain that their new tablet will be announced today, which a lot of people have been waiting patiently for. Other speculation suggests that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon today, as well as a new version of iLive. Click on the image above or this link to watch (read?) along.

  1. BLin says: January 27, 20102:33 pm

    No flash = not buying it.

    That’s the only reason I don’t surf blogs on my iPhone at home. I was supremely excited until this news.


  2. rob says: January 27, 20104:49 pm

    Brian, have you seen this?


    I’m not necessarily happy that Flash isn’t there either, but I’m not surprised in the least.

  3. rob says: January 27, 20104:50 pm

    If anything, I’m more disappointed by the fact there’s no multitasking.

    Time to wait for the iPhone OS 4, bleh.

  4. fil says: January 27, 20105:51 pm

    dudes, flash is going to be replaced with something better because adobe has been sitting in their offices playing with their you know whats. Don’t fret, something better is sure to replace it.

    Hey Adobe, why don’t you go fix your shit before you become obsolete?

  5. BLin says: January 27, 20106:00 pm

    i wasn’t really surprised either but really, really disappointed. i could easily see myself purchasing an iPad enthusiastically if it had Flash, but without it, it leaves a gaping wide hole.

    i absolutely hate flash’s performance on the mac. my old iBook G4 (yes, i’m still using that dinosaur) can’t even play flash video anymore. it just chops and chops. sometimes i can watch a youtube video pretty seamlessly, but only if there are no flash ads around. this is why i run flashblock all the time and only enable what i need to. it’s a pretty sad situation. this is why i’m so upset about the iPad and Flash, because i clearly need a new laptop, and the 499 price point would be perfect, with a nice interface to boot.


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