A (more) in depth view of why Pittsburgh is awesome

I basically find myself eating lunch quite a bit. Pretty much every time I eat lunch in a restaurant I find a beautiful bottle of Heinz Ketchup sitting on the table waiting for me. And almost every time I see one of those, I address the people sitting with me, “Do you know where this is made?’ Most of the people who dine with me know the appropriate answer, “Pittsburgh.” Damn right it is.

I realize this is probably annoying. But there is something comforting in driving (or flying) 3,000 miles away and being able to see a symbol of where you come from greeting you with a beautiful red smile. It’s also great that Heinz Ketchup happens to be damn good.

I also realize the whole Pittsburgh pride thing I have going on is a little bit ridiculous at times, but I came across an article in the New York Times that sums up a lot of the reasons that Pittsburgh was chosen as the location for the G20 summit, and I was very interested in sharing this article with you all…

New York Times article on why Pittsburgh is awesome

There are many things about Pittsburgh, besides Heinz Ketchup & The sports teams, that are worth boasting about that I often don’t talk about, but are summed up in that article quite well (and let me remind you that it is articulated in a way that I simply could not do).

So enjoy the article, especially if you are one of the unlucky ones who are forced to answer questions about Pittsburgh every time you sit down and eat with me.

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  1. ahclem says: September 27, 20098:59 pm

    This is why Pittsburgh is awesome:

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